What is Clean Oil Power?

The average Over the Road owner/operator spends $4000 a year on oil and filters, and at today’s diesel prices, over $60,000 a year on fuel! There must be something you can do to stop the bleeding.

Your engine is your wing-man, your trusted steed that provides for you and your family. You are keenly aware of every sound you hear. You change your oil regularly because you know you have to. It’s always been that way. Until now. New technology is all around you. The cell phone in your hand today is LIGHT YEARS better than the phone you had just three years ago!

Allow yourself to extend oil change intervals safely and sensibly by implementing ONBOARD ECVD. Add up the savings and make the necessary changes to run with Clean Oil Power. This is not fantasy or wishful thinking. Revolutionary technology is here… now.

ONBOARD’s patented vacuum dehydrator removes the liquid contaminants from lube oil while the engine is running. Drastic reductions in DEF usage, significantly less time in the regen mode—diminishing the need for diesel particulate filter cleaning, extended oil change intervals, reductions in your hydro-carbon footprint, and impressive, measurable gains in fuel efficiencies are all available to you today with a return on investment in a matter of months. Petroleum, unless burned, does not “break down”. Over time, your lube oil simply becomes over-run with particulate and liquid contaminants that wear out your engine.

ONBOARD stops the attack, turning your engine into an oil refiner that keeps the lube oil in pristine condition every minute it is running.

On the road, clean oil is POWER. It’s that simple.