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ONBOARD Clean Oil Power for Pickup Trucks

ONBOARD® provides an extra set of eyes for your engine.


Kit Includes Flow meter, Oil Sample Valve, and Shutoff Valve, Filter Brackets, Fittings, Hoses and Oil Fill Cap.

Dodge RAM Cummins

  • Ram GEN 4 6.7 Liter
  • Ram GEN 3 6.7 Liter

  • Ram GEN 3 5.9 Liter

  • Ram GEN 2 5.9 Liter

Chevrolet Duramax

  • Duramax 6.6 Liter

Ford Diesel

  • Ford 6.7 Liter

  • Ford 6.4 Liter Call For Details
  • Ford 6.0 Liter Call For Details
  • Ford 7.3 Liter Call For Details
  • Refines oil while engine is running
  • Eliminates liquid contaminants
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Mitigates fuel dilution of motor oil
  • Extends DEF yield
  • Reduces DPF regen cycles
  • Maintains 100% oil lubricity
  • Reduces downtime and costs
  • Increases oil change intervals
  • Saves your money
  • Reduces waste oil production
  • Prolongs engine service beyond 60%
  • Huge return on investment
  • Reduces hydro-carbon impact
  • Implementation is simple!

I think it’s an awesome product. I run it personally on my personal pickup. I’ve seen at least a half-mile per gallon gain in fuel mileage. I highly recommend it over any bypass oil filter system. It’s by far better than any of them I’ve ever seen. I believe ONBOARD is a great company to work with… always there to lend a hand with troubleshooting and installation… just been there 100% for us.

  • MPG: 13-14
  • MPG: 15.5 towing

9% Fuel Savings!

—Scott Hutchinson, Mechanic, PAYSON DIESEL

Diesel powered light-duty trucks are far and away some of the best-selling trucks on the market.

The customer loyalty that the major manufacturers enjoy is legendary. These diesel fans are known to take exceedingly large steps to assure their trucks are equipped with all of the latest technology to enhance both the performance and the efficiency of their precious rides.

During combustion, unburned diesel fuel and moisture blows past the rings settling into the motor oil causing loss of viscosity and harmful contamination. These two processes are the TOP DESTROYERS of internal combustion engines. They are also the ultimate reason for changing your oil at regular intervals.

The ONBOARD® System increases combustion efficiencies by evaporating the unburned fuel from blow-by and vacuuming it back into the combustion cycle for re-burn. Moisture is also evaporated in the ECVD™ Chamber and it too is vacuumed through the combustion cycle.

And running with clean oil every minute, every mile of operation lowers friction and early degradation of bearing surfaces. Increased DEF yield and fewer regen cycles all add to your bottom line!

Owners of CAT, Cummins, Detroit, Duramax, International, Paccar, Powerstroke, and others are reporting significant increases in fuel efficiencies operating with ONBOARD® ECVD™ technology.

Turn-key installation kits include custom re-positioning brackets and pre-made hose / fittings kits for most late model diesel powered trucks.

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Dodge RAM 3500 1 Ton

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Industry: Truck Enthusiasts Personal Vehicle
Equipment: 2014 Dodge RAM 3500
Product: ONBOARD LD System
Item: OBS-LD-4

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ONBOARD® also offers a full-featured Estimated Savings Calculator to fine-tune your savings data.

ONBOARD® Performance Products


ONBOARD® just doesn’t spare you the SIGNIFICANT cost of oil changes, it also helps your engine’s performance because your engine runs cleaner and more efficiently.

—Anthony Evans, ONBOARD®