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The ONBOARD® Advantage

Removing, (not capturing and holding), the liquid contaminants from lube oil while the engine is running is a shockingly simple task with ONBOARD® ECVD. Lower emissions, better fuel efficiency and clean oil every hour of operation are all happening today on engines running clean with ONBOARD®.

Drastic reductions in DEF usage, significantly less time in the regen mode—diminishing the need for diesel particulate filter cleaning, extended oil change intervals, reductions in your hydro-carbon footprint, and impressive, measurable gains in fuel efficiencies are all available to you today with a return on investment in a matter of months.

ONBOARD® results are unequaled.

Supplementary oil filtration systems have been around for decades. Some claim to remove liquid contaminants from the oil by simply absorbing them in their paper or cellu­lose filter. Once the absorption capacity is reached, the liquids stay in the oil, lowering viscosity and exposing critical engine parts to excessive wear. ONBOARD® ECVD completely evaporates the water, unburned fuel and glycol through its patented convection system. Learn more

ONBOARD® is manufactured with the highest-quality materials to ensure lasting service for your fleet and field equipment. It’s your turn to do the math and get on board with ONBOARD®. Proudly manufactured in the USA!

Our Mission

To minimize oil consumption, decrease fuel consumption, reduce emissions, reduce waste oil, and conserve resources for our customers.

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ONBOARD Wants You!

ONBOARD® Wants You!

Substantial profits from the sales and installations of ONBOARD® ECVD System could be yours.

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ONBOARD® can bring you huge savings!

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ONBOARD® also offers a full-featured Estimated Savings Calculator to fine-tune your savings data.

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There are Many Upsides of Getting ONBOARD®

  • Improved fuel efficiency of up to 8% on average for each vehicle.
  • While performing routine oil analysis, you decide when to change your oil. We have reports of 200,000+ miles on conventional oil with ONBOARD®.
  • Increase the usable service life of your engine while greatly reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Avoid having to power down your diesel generators to perform excessive oil changes.
  • Reduce your oil purchases by up to 90% by safely and simply extending oil drain intervals.

There is nothing more powerful, than an idea whose time has come.

—Victor Hugo

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